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— Copyright 2017, Ricardo Reitmeyer: Photographer, Photographic Artist, Photoshop Retouch Artist, Photo Workshop Instructor.

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Photoshop Retouch Artist, Photographer, Digital Artist-Visual Media Group LLC, Small Group Photography Workshops Instructor

I am a Photoshop Retouch artist and illustrator, professional photographer, photographic instructor, professional spectator, creative counselor and hostage negotiator of sorts. Published in numerous books, magazines and on art posters. My last Google name search in quotes came up with more than 9000 hits, and with my name in quotation marks, those are solid hits.

My specialties include: Photoshop Retouching, Manipulation and Illustration, Digital Photography and Photographic Art, Creative Counseling, Daydream Planning and Design, Professional Spectating, Mind Reading, Intuition Training, and Lateral Thinking....did I say Creativity?

My favorite subject matter is simplicity; favorite rule, the Golden Mean; favorite format, Two Dimensions; favorite color, Transparency; favorite activity in life, Balance; favorite place, Home; favorite quote, "Thank You"; second favorite quote, "You're Welcome"; favorite sound....silence; second favorite sound, nature interrupting silence. I enjoy music but I prefer daydreaming, have pretty good eye sight but still learning how to see, would like to listen better but often find myself distracted, will forget a name quickly but remember a face for a lifetime. Nothing beats a sunrise, other than another sunrise. Age increases experience, develops discipline and improves wisdom. 

My discipline is to refine my creativity, to continue to improve my Photoshop retouching and illustration skills, to become far more observant as a 'professional' spectator, to say 'thank you' more often...and to mean it, to put something off until tomorrow if there is something truly more creatively important to do today, and to constantly appreciate the fact that God has given me more in life than I deserve.








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